Attorney General - and frontrunner in the NY State gubernatorial race - Eliot Spitzer laid out his transportation priorities to the Regional Plan Association yesterday, and on the list: the Second Avenue Subway, the LIRR link to Grand Central, and replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge. But he's less enthusiastic about the JFK rail link from downtown Manhattan. Pataki's been hot on the idea of a rail link since 2004. Could it be because the federal government okayed $2 billion to go to the project? Anyway, showing his true optimistic political stripes, Spitzer also said he'd try to put the MTA on track. Well, we don't know how he could do worse than Pataki, unless we plumb our nightmares.

Spitzer's most vocal opponent for the Democratic bid, Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi, wasn't that impressed with the speech, saying, "He lays out a bunch of different things, a bunch of different ideas that sound good, except he doesn't talk about how he's going to accomplish it. He doesn't talk about how he's going to pay for it."