2008_09_elev.jpgToday's NY Daily News paints a scary picture of the operating conditions inside some of the worst elevators within Housing Authority projects, comparing them to a ride on the House of Horrors or the Cyclone. Their survey of the ten worst elevators in city projects produced a laundry list of horrific situations such as one where the outer door simply wouldn't open and residents risked losing fingers while jimmying the door open to get out, buildings where tenants are forced to climb a 14-story urine soaked staircase and cross roofs and one where a woman with a young daughter with cerebral palsy had to call police in order to get the child and her groceries up the stairs while both elevators were out. Meanwhile prosecutors are still investigating the death of Jacob Neuman, the five-year-old who died trying to jump out of a stuck elevator in a Williamsburg Housing Authority project last month.