2006_05_elevator.jpgTerrible, terrible accident in the Bronx in the middle of the night: A man's legs were severed by an elevator. The elevator, which was carrying 17 people, got stuck between floors:

That's when the man - who was not identified, but only described by cops as being in his 20s - was following two other men who had safely climbed out of the elevator to the lobby.

As he shimmied through the open doors, the elevator began to move, severing the man's legs, witnesses said.

The accident left the 14 people standing inside the elevator splattered in blood.

The man is in critical condition, and the other passengers were rescued an hour later. This is a horrible accident; we wonder if the accident will be investigated because 17 people sounds like a lot for an elevator (though we don't know how what the capacity of the elevator was). We can't blame the guy for trying to get out, given the story of the Chinese food delivery man who was stuck for three days, but maybe this is a lesson to stay still.

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