A young woman got frightened and died yesterday after being trapped in an elevator for two hours during a blackout. Danielle Goldberg was traveling up to her sixth-floor apartment around 11:35 a.m. when all of a sudden the power was cut. "She was scared because the lights were out and couldn't get out of the elevator," explained her brother, Steven. The 26-year-old who suffered from congenital heart defect had a panic attack and used her cell phone to alert a relative. "She called my mom to calm down, but it didn't work," he said

By the time emergency workers pried the doors open, Goldberg was unconscious; she died later at the hospital, around 1 p.m.. The Advance reports that the blackout—caused by a cable short circuit—affected nearly 1,800 ConEd customers around New Dorp, some of whom didn't have power restored until 5 p.m..