Officials say it's becoming more apparent that the freak elevator death of ad executive Suzanne Hart last month was connected to maintenance work done on the lift on the morning of her death. Last week sources told DNAinfo that the company, Transel Elevator Inc., did not inform the Buildings Department that it had finished work on the elevator that killed Hart—and if it had, one final independent inspection would have been triggered by a city inspector. Now Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri has gone on record saying Transel is to blame.

"We know that there was work being done right before the unfortunate event, and we do believe that is a contributing cause, or the cause,” LiMandri tells City Room. "We know for sure that those events directly before this unfortunate accident clearly are part of our investigation." In the wake of the accident, inspectors have conducted the largest sweep of city elevators in history, investigating 650 elevators across New York, including but not limited to those operated by Transel. But while violations have been found, there was nothing near the degree of malfunction that caused Hart's death, which LiMandri believes was an "isolated incident."

Now it's over to the Manhattan District Attorney's office, which has been involved with the investigation but has not pressed any charges. Transel is already facing a number of civil lawsuits, however, including one filed by a passenger in the elevator who watched Hart die, and another by a fitness instructor who says he was partially paralyzed after an elevator maintained by Transel suddenly dropped.