After getting creative in the urban jungle by parking in an otherwise magically car-free spot in Manhattan, the NYPD's campaign of courteous respect came across the bridge to the famous hipster hot spot of Brooklyn, where yet another stretch of road painted with mysterious symbols that aren't cars was used to park some police vans.

The above photo of officers parked in the Sands Street bike lane in Vinegar Hill comes from tipster Lauren Melodia, who writes that that she came across the situation on Thursday around 5:30 p.m. "I also saw them last Thursday and this Wednesday blocking bike traffic in the exact same location," she tells us, and says she's seen it happening with increasing frequency.

It also comes on the heels of the same situation getting spotted last week by transit advocate and all-around smart guy Ben Kabak:

Unlike using regular bike lanes as parking spots, using the Sands Street lane creates an added danger for cyclists because the bike lane is elevated, so once you get off it to veer around a car, you can't easily get back into the lane and you're stuck biking in regular traffic until the intersection.

To be fair, the NYPD is not the only ones who've used the street space that's supposed to be for bikes as a convenient parking spot, but it's all the more galling when the people who are supposed to enforce traffic laws are the ones breaking them.