If you arrive home one day and find a piece of electrical tape stuck to your window, it's possible that it wasn't just a bizarre accident, that someone didn't just stick there for a sec because they were carrying a bunch of other stuff and really just didn't have enough hands to also hold their piece of electrical tape.

No, it's probably because your home is being cased by a burglar. The tactic is increasingly common, "Home Security Expert" Dan Coleman tells CBS New York. This is what happened to Fresh Meadows resident Peter Hart, though it didn't take him long to figure out the ploy. “The first initial (thought) was, What the heck is it?” he told the station. “And then I said, ‘You know what? Tape. Could that be someone that’s marking the house?’”

The idea is that a person will likely spot the tape and remove it, unless they're on vacation! Clever! The trick is also occasionally used with UPS and FedEx stickers, and some thieves even peruse social media, searching for hashtags like #vacation and #OopsHahaILeftMyDoorUnlocked, or something.

So if you see tape on your window, just leave it—haven't you always wanted to employ the Kevin McCallister Home Defense System?