Con Ed finally reveals where the dangerously electrified lampposts and metal plates are located in the city, and the Times puts together a useful and scary Excel chart of all the electrified lampposts and plates (XLS) in the city. Whether it was faulty work or just a terrible combination of events during this past cold and snowy winter, Jodie Lane's death from an electrocuted metal plate in the East Village spurred Con Ed to look at all "hot spots." Con Ed has repaired hundreds of plates, manhole covers, and lampposts so far, but there are still many to cover: There are about 550,000 sites to check. Looking past figuring out who is blame for letting these spots slip by (is it Con Ed or is it the city or is it Mother Nature), Gothamist is glad that Con Ed has been actively searching out these trouble spots and disclosing their locations.

Con Ed accepted the blame for Lane's death.