You may have noticed that electric bikes, or "e-bikes," are increasingly popular in New York. But before you get swept up in the fad, be aware they're technically banned from state roads and city streets, which makes sense, because these things are annoying as they are dangerous—especially when driven by reckless delivery men who tear around like maniacs. The problem is that some e-bikers act like cyclists, using bike lanes and crowding bridge paths, when in fact they have the speed and force of a motor vehicle. And yet a proposal in Albany could flood NYC with these abominations!

Today Spokes takes a look at the e-bike trend, and notes that a bill making its way through Albany would amend the law to allow electric bikes with a top speed of 20 mph. While it's true that some pedal-powered cyclists sometimes suprass speeds of 20 mph, at least they earn it. But like most modes of transportation, the owners love their rides. Local screenwriter Anthony Jaswinski (Backwoods) rides a moped-style A2B and tells Spokes, "Love love love it. Can’t help but grin a little when gliding by angry cars and even scooters. Two times cops have approached me. Both times, they asked where they could get a bike like the A2B."

You know who else loves the A2B? Jay Leno. 'Nuff said. If these things get any more popular, you can count on an inevitable turf war rumble between the e-bikers, the moped gangs in Greenpoint, and the Black Label bike kill crowd. Which is our fantasy.