2005_11_6_FreddyAndMike.jpgSo if you've been watching the marathon today you know where Bloomberg is (shaking hands at the finish line of course) physically, but how is he doing in the polls? According to a new NY1/Newsday poll he's doing very, very well. Not only does the poll have Bloomie trouncing Ferrer by a 32-point margin (along with having an approval rating of 67%) but it even has him kicking ass in hypothetical match-ups against Giuliani, Dinkins, Koch and Commissioner Ray Kelly. All of this pro-Bloomberg news apparently has both campaigns worried. The Bloomberg camp is worried nobody will vote assuming his win assured, while the Ferrer camp is worried that nobody will vote assuming his loss is assured.

So despite the polls both candidates are campaigning like the election were on Tuesday, running around the city, shaking hands, and generally campaigning hard. All of which has the Times worried about the future of the once mighty Democratic Party if Bloomberg really does win.

Meanwhile over in New Jersey they had their fifth and last Gubernatorial debate last night and, like the rest of this campaign, it turned ugly. Seriously, that has not been a pretty election.

Photos of the candidates from the Times' comparison of the candidates.