2006_09_voting.jpgWith the primary settling who's running in November, candidates came out swinging. And the best cage match might be the Attorney General's race. The NY Times had this first line:

Kicking off their general-election battle for New York State attorney general yesterday, Andrew M. Cuomo and Jeanine F. Pirro could not have smiled more, sounded nicer, or done a poorer job of concealing their true feelings: they want to shred each other.

In fact, Democrats in NY State spent yesterday calling her Pataki's lackey (not in those words, sadly, more like "royal lieutenant," but "Pataki's lackey" rhymes!). In the gubernatorial race, Republican John Faso said the Wall Street prosecution cases of Attorney General - and frontrunner - Eliot Spitzer were "phony" while Spitzer called Faso a "lobbyist." Really, men, settle down! And Republican candidate for Senate John Spencer challenged Senator Hillary Clinton to a debate; the Post reports her people said she will, but they need to work out details. Details like will this come before or after some swings into the Midwest to raise more money.

The NY Sun noted the post-primary Wednesday for victorious City Council member Yvette Clarke, who won Brooklyn's 11th District Congressional seat, with her closest opponent, City Council member David Yassky, just across the aisle at City Hall. Clarke got roses, kisses and hugs, Yassky got consolations, saying later, "I expected it to be a close race, and it was."

Finally, a NY Post/Fox News Channel poll (read: get your grains of salt ready) says that 81% of Americans "consider voting for a qualified White House contender who isn't a Republican or Democrat" in 2008 - and posits that Mayor Bloomberg, whose renown in mostly on the Eastern seaboard, could be a viable candidate, especially if he uses his big pockets for a big campaign.