The incident that took place on Bedford Avenue on Election Night (you know...riot gear, arrests, etc) lived on last night at the 94th Precinct Community Meeting. NewYorkShitty has a rundown (with video), reporting back that Captain Fulton was on hand to field questions and concerns, as well as locals (both young and old). "Overall it was a pretty ugly meeting. The reason for this had little to do with Captain Fulton. Rather, it had to do with how the 'old guard' treated the younger people present. For example: When Aaron Short (of the Greenpoint Courier and BushwickBK) asked if this was 'a generational issue'," crowd responses allegedly included: "The issue is order over anarchy!" and "Too lenient!" In the end, a sit-down "with people present on Bedford Avenue that evening who felt the police acted inappropriately" has been promised.