One of the Staten Island teenagers convicted on charges from a series of Election Night racially-motivated attacks hasn't been able to keep his nose clean while awaiting sentencing for the federal hate crime. Troubled teen Bryan Garaventa was arrested again yesterday after freaking out on an ex-girlfriend. Garaventa allegedly went into a jealous rage Tuesday night after seeing his ex with another male and took it out on her car, punching the windshield and kicking the door. The eighteen-year-old then left ten late night messages over the course of an hour, threatening to blow up her car and kick her front door in if she didn't pick up. He's now been charged with third-degree criminal mischief, third-degree menacing, third-degree unauthorized use of a vehicle, fourth-degree stalking and two counts of second-degree aggravated harassment. A law enforcement official told the SI Advance, "If you wanted to find a way to piss off your sentencing judge, this guy's done it in spades. There's probably no better way."