Okay, we sorta have an idea of who the President will be next year. It's just that the media won't say so definitively, and by Jove, if the media isn't saying it, who are we to disagree? Who knew that Florida would seem pretty well-run, next to Ohio? There's one thing that Gothamist is sure of on this day after the 2004 Election: If NYC wants to secede (Kerry carried New York, as expected), the rest of the Northeast and West Coast, plus a pocket in the Midwest, would be interested in seceding with us. What else can we say? Internets polls, you tried to help us by giving us information, but your models were flawed. People are blaming the young people for not coming out in droves for Kerry (though it was too assumptive to think they'd all vote for him - Republicans start somewhere) but we feel that's a little premature, not to mention seeing footage of people on line at Kenyon College in Ohio, for hours and hours, so screw that. Credit is being given to the Republicans for mobilizing their evangelical base to cast their vote to oppose issues like gay marriage, abortion, and stem cell research, which makes us foresee gay marriage/abortion/social issue parties in the future. A wise friend attempted to put it in perspective for us, "Basically, there are just over 5 people who wanted Bush...and almost 5 wanted Kerry." Oy.

The NY Times' Election 2004 coverage. Also, CNN's America Votes page. And Gothamist loved the Washington Post's Channel Surfer that showed what times the networks would call states.

Gothamist will have more thoughts on NYC's Election Day, but some other national highlights: DCist looks at Senate and House races. Seems like the Republicans will remain in control of the Senate. Senator Charles Schumer won reelection by a huge margin. Barack Obama won a seat in the Senate for Illinois, but Tom Daschle lost his - that tells you the Democratic party is doing something really wrong, when the Senate Minority Leader loses his seat.