The two mayoral candidates, challenger Fernando Ferrer and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, headed to the polls this morning, hoping to encourage people to go out and vote, even though Mayor Bloomberg is leading by, as some polls say, as much as 38 points. The Ferrer campaign is hoping that their supporters will vote so the defeat won't be so crushing and Bloomberg's is hoping that his supporters will actually vote after being told Bloomberg will win in a landslide. The game to play tonight and tomorrow is what the voter turnout (NYC has 1.2 3.9 million voters - PDF of enrollment totals) will be. At any rate, Ferrer voted in Riverdale, joined by his wife and adorable grandsons, while Bloomberg voted on the Upper East Side. Bloomberg actually campaigned longer than Ferrer yesterday, making former Mayor Ed Koch scare voters in Riverdale (they knocked on doors! what would you do if it was Bloomberg and Koch at your door?) and ending the evening at the top of the Empire State Building (equal time, we imagine, after his visit to the Top of the Rock last week); Ferrer's special guest stars were Barack Obama and Howard Dean.

We'll update the political goings throughout the day. And we might even comment about the NJ gubernatorial race, but Gothamist has been trying not to because we hate Forrester and Corzine for giving us bad dreams with their negative campaigning. Codey, you smell like a rose!