State Senator Eric Schneiderman won his bid to be New York's next "sheriff" by defeating Staten Island DA Dan Donovan in the Attorney General race. Schneiderman, who got 55% of the vote to Donovan's 44%, said, "This was a campaign of activism, and boy, did we show what activists can do!... I'm ready to go. I've stood up against powerful forces before and, Ladies and Gentleman, you may have noticed I'm hard to kill." That's total Sheriff-speak!

Schneiderman painted himself as a reformer, but Donovan criticized Schneiderman as a longtime Albany insider (though Schneiderman openly criticized many of his Senate peers). The Post notes that Schneiderman "caught a break" by landing the Independence Party's endorsement (Donovan was investigating the party's leader so he didn't seek an endorsement), and a Donovan strategist described what helped Schneiderman as "Partly Indy line, partly Paladino, partly labor's field operations for Schneiderman." Guess those Donovan endorsements from Mayor Bloomberg and former mayors Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani—and former Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau—weren't helpful.

Keep in mind, this could be Schneiderman's stepping stone to another statewide office, as the previous AGs have been Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo.