And since this is the last weekend before the primaries, what kind of New York City group-blog would Gothamist be without yet another post on the current state of the election. A few highlights:
-Anthony Weiner has jumped into a statistical dead heat with Fernando Ferrer, which could mean a runoff.
-Al Sharpton is going to endorse Ferrer in an attempt to prevent said runoff.
-District Attorney Robert Morgenthau got a bunch o' endorsements.
-The City's Campaign Finance Board nixed Gifford Miller's hopes of a last minute TV campaign.
-Still not sure about what you think of the different candidates? Check out the Gotham Gazette's nifty Mayoral Issue Grid.
-Finally, Tuesday's election is expected to have an anemic turnout. Prove them wrong and vote (y'know, if you're registered).

Photo (which we keep running, but c'mon it's an awesome photo) from the NYTimes