It's the Friday before the election, which mean news organizations will be unusually busy in reporting the most minute stories from the respective campaign trails and wondering if the Bush administration will pull a "We've got Osama" rabbit out of the hat or how Kerry can get more mileage out of the missing explosives story. Some subjects of non-election stories are irked that reporters are bothering them and not covering the election (but St. Bernard puppies are IMPORTANT). Gothamist has been loving the NYTimes 2004 Election Guide, especially it's Electoral Vote Calculator. We love making the electoral votes even, like we did above (and Tien as well), because that would just serve our stupid electoral college system right. We're heartened to hear that the Feds will be policing people's voting rights on Tuesday, and liked NY magazine's ideas on how you can still help out with affecting the vote; Gothamist will be reporting from our NYC sidelines, but if you happen to be traveling to swing states, let us know and tell us your experiences.

More Election fun: Gothamist found a lot of great sites from Al Tompkins' Poynter article about getting information you need for the election, like what is the electoral college and CNN's candidate tracker. Finally, take a look at the sites for our two major candidates - George Bush and John Kerry - and then see what FactCheck.org says about what they're saying.

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