An 82-year-old found woman dead in her apartment last month was the victim of a homicide, police say.

Officials believed that Myrtle McKenney, 82, died of natural causes since, the Daily News reports, she "was being treated for hypertension and diabetes." She was found unconscious in her home on Powell Street in Brooklyn's Woodson Houses on November 9th.

However, her relatives told her doctor they thought she was killed. From the News:

They told the doctor her body was too far under a table for her to have fallen and that an unusual amount of money had been withdrawn from her bank account. She was discovered by a home health aide, sources said.

Neighbor Leon Gavin, 74, said he went to the bank with McKenny — who couldn’t read or write — two days before she died.

He helped her take out $800. She feared someone was stealing from her, he said.

The doctor reportedly talked police, who said that the death wasn't suspicious, and ultimately signed the death certificate after being unable to get in touch with the funeral home and expressing concerns to the Medical Examiner's office. But then the funeral home's undertaker found stab wounds and broken ribs on Sunday.

The ME's office said, "The cause of death is stab wound of neck and incised wounds of right upper extremity with blunt impact injuries of head, torso and right upper extremity, with contributing condition of hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The manner of death is homicide."

McKenny's apartment is now sealed by the NYPD as they investigate the crime. One worried neighbor said, "They find out that [someone] killed her. I said, ‘What? That lady don’t bother nobody. She was a good lady."