A 30-year-old man has been arrested after police officers found the remains of his 85-year-old grandmother in plastic bags in the bedroom of her Queens home.

The daughter of Erika Kraus-Breslin hadn't heard from her in five months (the daughter lives out-of-state), so she asked police officers to conduct a wellness check. The NYPD says that when officers arrived to the home at 67-08 65th Street in Ridgewood, they "were met by a 30-year-old male who directed them to a bedroom, where they discovered the 85-year-old female unconscious and unresponsive inside of plastic bags."

EMS declared Kraus-Breslin dead at the scene. Christopher Fuhrer, 30, was charged with not reporting a death to a health officer, burial/body removal without permit, and improper burial.

The body appeared to be decomposing, but it's unclear how long the corpse was in the home. According to the Daily News, "Fuhrer wrapped his grandmother's body in plastic after she died, then later covered her in a second plastic bag to cover the odor, police sources said. He later started using air fresheners to try to cover the stench."

Apparently Fuhrer may not have reported the death because he was worried about becoming homeless.

Neighbors said that Fuhrer was supposed to be taking care of Kraus-Breslin; one said, "She's lived there for like a thousand years."

The Medical Examiner's office is investigating the cause of death.