Preston Krupin, the 71-year-old struck by a cab as it swerved into the coffee shop he was sitting in front of early Sunday morning, suffered a broken neck and leg, and surgeons say he now faces a long recovery. But as one regular of The Bean coffee shop on Third Street and First Avenue told the Daily News, "It's nothing short of a miracle that no one was killed."

The cab, driven by Syed Nazir with passenger Kristin Kunkel in the back, crashed into the storefront after swerving to avoid hitting a Jeep Cherokee driven by Robert Batista, who was turning onto the avenue. It's still unclear who had the light. Witnesses say Batista ran a red light, but Batista said the cabbie was "flying up First. I heard a horn and I looked and I tried to turn and I got hit. I had the light."

Locals say Krupin was a regular at the coffee shop, and often sat on the benches outside. One regular said, "It seemed like he came to socialize." Commenter sssocialservice mentioned, "I walked by the bean last night 10 minutes before this happened..I saw the old man mentioned, sitting outside..ugh..sad." Both drivers tested negative for alcohol, and no charges have been filed.