An 82-year-old Manhattan woman is caught up in a legal battle after she allegedly spray-painted her next-door neighbors' fence in the heat of a property dispute. Sylvia Kordower-Zetlin was arrested on June 22 and charged with making graffiti on a fence that may or may not stand on her backyard property.

According to the Daily News, the instance of aggressive exterior redecorating was reported by Kordower-Zelin's neighbor Arlo Devlin-Brown, an established prosecutor in the Manhattan U.S. attorney's office. The two live in adjacent brownstones on West 113th street.

"The defendant was going onto what the complainant believes to be his property and refuses to stop coming over," a Manhattan assistant district attorney told the News. The spray-paint is only the latest in a string of alleged abuse at the hands of Kordower-Zelin. "She takes pictures of us whenever we come outside," said Devlin-Brown's wife. "She gets on a ladder [and] yells 'Bastards! Bastards!'"

Kordower-Zetlin, for her part, does not deny tagging the fence, but insists that it actually lies on her side of the property line divide. "The fence is on my property—2 feet onto my property," she told the Daily News. "I had two separate surveys done and they both show that where he put the fence is in my hard. Even the fence man said it was on my yard." Ever protective of her homestead, Kordower-Zetlin reportedly sued the city in 2013 for not maintaining a next-door vacant lot, which brought "water, debris, and tree roots" to her property.

An October 15th court date has been scheduled for the neighborhood fencing match.