Yesterday afternoon just after 3:25 p.m., an 88-year-old sitting in his car at Flatbush Avenue and Winthrop Street in Brooklyn was struck in the stomach by an apparent stray bullet. A resident told WABC 7, "Being an old man, I felt sorry for him but he was calm." Well, another witness said the man yelled, "They shot the hell out of me," but who can blame him?

Witnesses say the gunman was on a red bicycle, and the bullet went through the car's passenger side door, missing the man's wife, who was, luckily, in the rear. Another resident said, "He was shot right there and he was bleeding all over his face. He was trying to get up but I told him wait for the ambulance. I said don't make it worse." The man is in stable condition at Kings County Hospital.

Police say the shooter was aiming at a different car. The bicycle was dumped and cops were examining it. A police dog was also on the scene, but no arrests have been made yet.