This Christmas, North Babylon's elaborate Christmas display at the Spadafora family's house on Kime Avenue isn't happening because it's gotten too expensive. Andrew Spadafora, who raised about $181,000 from onlookers of his million-light display (donated to a children's hospital), told Newsday, "Last year it cost me $41,000 to put Christmas together. We're still paying off last year's bills. After 20 years this thing has gotten bigger than Jones Beach." He's not kidding: Newsday counts "a 40-foot train, a manger with 100 sheep and a tree composed of 10,000 light bulbs," a total of 900 pieces, 30+ security cameras and a set-up time of 15 weeks (a crew of six, plus Spadafora). Spadafora also says he spent $175,000 on coloring books, candy canes, and toys to give to young onlookers, "Every year I get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, so what am I going to do, go backward?" You can see photographs of the "Christmas House" here—it's really amazing.