A usually Very Contained Bloomberg is having a rough week, and who can blame him? In less than a month he'll have to relearn how to use the bathroom like a mortal, and no one wants to talk about the sweeping improvements he brought to this ungrateful city—they just want to mock his Spanish.

But Bloomberg wants us to know that he doesn't give a flying flan about our Plebian opinions of his adopted tongue. We're just jealous.

"These people that make fun of me, you know, what do I care? You know, you wonder, why don’t they just get a life?” he mused during his weekly radio address today.

Bloomberg, we shouldn't have to remind you, is "sort of beyond Rosetta Stone." He acknowledged also that while he's not great with comprehending slang, or accents, and if there's a subway passing overhead or a black cat blinks twice under the sallow light of a crescent moon, he probably won't understand what you're saying, but beyond that, he's pretty much got this whole "Spanish" thing in the bag, or "en la bolsa," if you will.

Bloomberg's Spanish tutor, Luis Cardozo, declined to discuss the mayor's progress without permission from his student. Luckily, though, El Bloombito speaks for himself: