An NYPD sergeant has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of New York and two of his fellow officers, claiming that he was a target for their racist slurs and that they prevented his career from advancing.

In the lawsuit, Sergeant Kappa Farid, 54, claims he was subjected to a “hostile work environment” at the 123rd Precinct in Staten Island, and has been discriminated against because of his age and national origin.

Farid is of Egyptian descent, and his first language is Arabic. The suit, filed last month, claims Farid was constantly humiliated by his colleagues, Deputy Inspector Kenneth Noonan, Sergeant John Tuscano, and others, over a period of two years. Noonan and Tuscano are the only officers named as defendants in the suit.

Between September 2016, and November 2018, Farid claims he was regularly humiliated by Deputy Inspector Noonan, his supervisor. Farid states he was not allowed to speak during team meetings, and was the subject of derogatory name-calling, and statements, that mocked his Arabic accent.

During this time Sergeant Tuscano allegedly regularly mocked Farid, and said to him: “You have to learn how to speak English.” Commenting on his accent, Tuscano told Farid he was “speaking gibberish.”

In 2016, Farid claims he was called “sand monkey,” and was told to “go back to where you belong,” by a police officer called Gorman, who has not been named as a defendant in the suit.

In 2017, the suit claims that Noonan forced Farid to write a negative evaluation of a gay police officer, adding, “Kappa, if this guy was in your country they will take care of him right away, as killing him.”

The suit also claims Noonan threatened Farid with physical abuse and changed Farid’s shifts twice, first to the midnight shift, then to the early morning hours. Farid claims this affected his personal life, and cost him his night differential play.

The suit also claims Noonan refused to give Farid time off to study for the lieutenants examination, while younger officers were given time to study. Towards the end of 2018, Noonan was replaced by Captain Timothy Wilson.

According to the lawsuit, Farid said Wilson told him that Noonan, “warned me about you [Farid],” and continued to foster a hostile work environment. Farid was denied his regular afternoon shift by Wilson, even though there were two openings, the lawsuit claims.

Farid is asking for $17,000,000 in damages.

In an email, DCPI Spokesperson, Sergeant Mary Frances O’Donnell, said these allegations are taken “extremely seriously,” and are currently being investigated under by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.