A Harlem man was sentenced to 21 years in prison yesterday for the shooting of his former best friend after the two had a falling out over Twitter. Jameg Blake, 24, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of friend Kwame Dancy in December 2009. "I just wish I had better judgment than pulling a gun out on my best friend. My ego would not let me back down," Blake told a Manhattan judge yesterday.

According to DNAInfo, Blake said he and Dancy, who had known each other since they were 12, often got into arguments, and he was usually the one to concede. But that was something Blake was tired of when they got into a fight which stemmed from Twitter that winter. He said on the day he shot Dancy he had read something written by his friend online that angered him. The two traded barbs over Twitter, with Blake writing at one point, "N-----s is lookin for u don't think I won't give up ya address for a price betta chill asap!"

Last year, Dancy's mother Madeline Smith commented on the role of Twitter in the murder: "That's not a reason to shoot somebody. That's crazy. I don't know what's going on with that Twitter thing." She wrote a devastating letter to the court which was read to Blake, whom she said she had treated like a son: "There is nothing you can say that will justify taking Kwame's life...I hope my son's face haunts you for the rest of your life."