Effing F Train Completely F's Up This Morning's Subway Commute

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The Perfect Storm was a 2000 biographical disaster film about George Clooney's disastrous attempt at cosplaying as a Masshole alongside Mark Wahlberg. "The Perfect Storm" is also what we'd call this morning's disastrous F train commute, which is still undergoing extensive delays due to a combination of signal malfunctions and brakes activated. But hey, at least there was 100% less Boston accents!

Around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, the MTA said that there were service changes and delays for A, C and F train service because an F train's brakes were activated near York Street. That combined with a "switch problem at Jay St-MetroTech" led to more delays and service changes for those trains and the G—these service change tweets seem like a particularly difficult math test question.

People aboard the F train that was stopped at York say there trapped inside for 25-30 minutes...which the MTA confirmed in a tweet to a straphanger. But...should it really take that long to investigate something that minor? Is there really not a way to let people off the train first? Were they expecting to trap the culprit inside and somehow apprehend them Hercule Poirot-style?

And what about this?!

The MTA says that northbound F and G train service has begun to resume between Brooklyn and Manhattan, but to expect extensive delays. At least that is done and there are no more problems on any other lines during rush hour...oh wait...

It's only Wednesday. Primal scream therapy is said to be very effective for people experiencing repressed anger or frustration.

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