The Brooklyn Museum has been robbed! No, we're not talking about Albany, or a good old fashioned caper, rather a former payroll manager stole more than $620,000 from the institution. The NY Post reports that Dwight Newton, 40, siphoned the money into bank accounts he held with his wife. He "faces fraud charges for drafting 38 bogus electronic checks between April 2005 and December 2005, authorities said." As of now there's no evidence that his wife, Donna Tricarico, was involved. Though one might find it odd that the 49-year-old who just retired from the Brooklyn DA's Office where she was a detective took no notice of the extra $620K coming into their bank accounts. As for Newton, he had left the museum last summer to work for a non-profit called Action Against Hunger, where he was arrested. The Daily News has a photo of him fleeing from court; the museum's spokeswoman said that "the losses were covered by insurance."