On Friday afternoon, a police officer fatally shot an emotionally disturbed man who was wielding a knife in Queens, and his family members apparently told the police that he had stopped taken his medication. The Post reports, "A neighbor called the police after the crazed man pulled a knife on a family friend inside of the apartment on 144th Terrace. The friend was trying to convince the man to go to the hospital, said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne."

The man, 27, had been pointing the knife at his neck. The NYPD said that while officers asked the man, 27, to drop the knife, he refused. Then he started to move towards the police, with the seven-inch knife pointed at them. The Post reports, "At one point a sergeant fired a Taser and missed him, Browne said."

An officer fired a shot, which hit the man in the shoulder, and the man died at Jamaica Hospital.

This was the 2nd fatal police shooting in 24 hours; earlier on Friday, the police accidentally killed a bodega worker who had been held hostage in a robbery attempt.