Somehow, as the Knicks hope and pray that Amare Stoudemire is the answer to their prayers, Eddy Curry is a still a Knick. And now, for the umpteenth time, he's injured. Curry was hurt during Sunday practice and got an MRI, which confirmed he strained his right hamstring. And there's suggestion that he wasn't conditioned... perhaps because he was allowed to take care of that himself.

The Post further explains, "After staying on Curry about his conditioning last summer, only to see him tear a calf muscle in the night session of the first day of training camp, Knicks president Donnie Walsh allowed Curry to prepare for the season in his own way this year. Despite the outcome, Walsh refused to blame Curry's decision to not attend voluntary workouts earlier this month -- he was the only player who didn't attend -- as the cause of the injury." Walsh said, ""I can't say that this happened because of the way he came in here or anything like that... I think the problem was that at the pace we're going now, his body just wasn't ready for it, that's all... and that's what happened. He went to do whatever he went to do and pulled a hamstring."

Curry has only played ten games over the last two seasons and wanted to be bought out of his contract for the current season. He also denied that he badmouthed the Knicks to LeBron James (apparently he met the King twice before James chose Miami), because, let's face it, he didn't need to.