An arrest warrant has been issued in Chicago for oft-troubled Knicks center Eddy Curry after he missed a payment to a woman with whom he had a six-month sexual relationship while she was underage.

Curry was in a consensual relationship that started and ended in 2001, when Curry was 18 and a first-round pick of the Chicago Bulls, and the girl was 14. She filed a personal injury lawsuit four years later, and Curry agreed to a $660,000 settlement in 2007, with a gag order on both parties (though in court documents, Curry is accused of "criminal sexual abuse and battery"). The payment of $197,495 which he missed was to be the final one.

This marks yet another chapter in a series of terrible events for Eddy Curry, who in many ways could serve as a living embodiment of the Knicks' mid-aughts nadir. Curry is deeply in debt, already unable to pay back a $750,000 loan because of staggering monthly expenses that include a $40,000 mortgage on his mansion, $17,000 for rent and $30,000 more on "household expenses," according to the News. He has been injured for much of his Knicks career, showed up overweight to training camp last year, and has only played in four games over the past two seasons. In 2009, he was sued by his former limo driver for sexual harassment; a month later, his 3-year-old son witnessed the murder of his mother and 3-month-old sister.