Now that former New York City mayor and current bridge Ed Koch feels that he got what he wanted out of his support for winning GOP candidate Bob Turner in Anthony Weiner's former district, he's ready to be friends with Democrats again. "I believe the recent vote in the 9th Congressional District in New York affected in a positive way the policy of the U.S. on the Mideast," Koch wrote in an email blast to supporters. "I'm now on board the Obama Reelection Express." Yeah, doesn't it feel good to get off the "Backstabby Crybaby Bus?"

If Koch's endorsement of Turner never felt genuine it's because he specifically said he was doing it to "send a message" to Obama about relations with Israel, not because he agreed with Bob Turner's platform. Koch even called the GOP "scoundrels" while he was endorsing Turner.

Obama's Israel-heavy speech at the UN surely had something to do with Koch's change of heart. But lest he think that his Ninth District antics had anything to do with the president's slight change of tone, it's worth noting that Jewish voters have not flagged in their support of the president more than any other voting bloc. Look for Koch to threaten to endorse Rudy Giuliani in 2012 unless Obama renames New York City "Kochistan."