Move over, Old Spice guy, there's a new player in the personalized YouTube response to Twitter questions game. And it's former mayor Ed Koch! The 85-year-old, whose current effort, New York Uprising, is to remind voters to demand reform in the Empire State, answered questions like:

  • "How can we get from the government we deserve to the government we need?"
  • "what is your take on Pres. Obama's comments about the 'wisdom' of building a mosque downtown"
  • "OK why do you support the GZM for all of the wrong reasons? It is a location issue not a religious (1st Amend) issue"
  • "what do you think of the pedestrian plazas?"
  • "What was it like working with the Muppets in "the Muppets Take Manhattan?"
See the videos after the jumped. And as WNYC's Azi Paybarah Tweeted, "Ed Koch responds to tweets, via video. old school pol + new media = weirdly awesome, brilliant."