Former Mayor Ed Koch, the GOP endorsement machine and author of "Giuliani: Nasty Man,", was on WNYM-AM yesterday saying perhaps he has misjudged his old foe, who is pondering a 2012 presidential run: "I think he's a modern Republican, and I think that he would be advancing positions that I could overwhelmingly support, so I wouldn't rule an endorsement out." As he did with his recent endorsement of Bob Turner, the Daily News reports that Koch made sure this one was backhanded too, saying that Giuliani "had a personality problem."

Just four years ago, Koch wrote a piece in the New York Press stating, "In my opinion, it would be very harmful to our country if Rudy were to become president. Rudy simply does not tell the truth when it suits him not to." Maybe Rudy's fruit basket finally arrived? Koch, who endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2008 before backing Obama, has been on the war path to "prove a point" to the current president regarding his administration's policy on Israel. Screw it, Koch: endorse Sarah Palin. Obama's bound to pay attention!