The West Soho nightclub Greenhouse has a notoriously tough door policy, and is renowned for excluding throngs of hopefuls from the club's bi-level douchetivities inside. So it's no shocker that two black women interpreted their rejection by the club's door bitch as racist. Kashan Robinson and Maria Sicard are suing Greenhouse; they say they were two of about 100 people who were denied entry to a Teri Woods book party because of their race.

According to court papers obtained by the Post, Robinson, Sicard and others on the guest list were kept outside the Varick Street nightspot while white patrons were "allowed entry into the un-crowded club." Their lawyer tells the tabloid, "As far as I know, everyone who was on [Woods's] guest list was not allowed in." In exchange for their pain and suffering over not getting into Greenhouse, the plaintiffs want one billion dollars, which is pretty much what you'd have to pay us to go back to that hellhole.