2nd Avenue Deli; Photo (bottom): NY Post

In honor of their 50th anniversary, the 2nd Avenue Deli is celebrating with 1954 prices for their food today. The Post reports that items like hot dogs will be 15 cents each and goulash will be $1.25. Deli owner Jack Lebewohl (pictured right, with a spread that the Post claims will cost just $2) says, "A 50th anniversary comes only once a lifetime." That is true.

Lebewohl has invited Paul Reiser and his mom (Lower East Side residents at one point), Mayor Bloomberg, President Bush, and John Kerry. He tells the Post, "I told the president if he's going to be here, we'll make him a sculpture in chopped liver." Oooh...a liver Bush. Gothamist is sure we've got some talented artists reading this site: If you make a chopped liver bust of President Bush, please let us know.

Chopped liver is $5.99 per pint at FreshDirect.