It was the coldest Easter Sunday in 67 years, but there were still lots of colorful and crazy hats on display during the Easter Parade. The parade also travels past St. Patrick's Cathedral, where Edward Cardinal Egan was smiling at the crowds. But the Post noted his Easter homily was more serious:

There is so much information that is forced upon us. It's impossible to click through [television] channels without being shamed. There are obstacles on the Internet and in magazines - this is the harsh reality of 2007. The hard part - the challenging part - is learning how to commit ourselves to avoiding the occasions of sin.

Hear that? TV, the Internet, and magazines: Damning you in 2007. Related: The Village Voice on a lawsuit against Egan and other Catholic officials for harassing and retaliating against a priest who "alleged a cover-up of clergy abuse"; New York magazine on Cardinal Egan's sins; and speculation on who might succeed Egan if - and when - he retires.

Photograph at left of a mother-daughter pair of revelers by jerry56 on Flickr; photograph at right of kid with awesomely elaborate candy hat by mtkr on Flickr