Worker replaces wires in the fautly utility box on East 11th; Photo: NY Post

Even though a formal investigation into the death of East Village resident, Jodie Lane, is in the works, most believe she was killed Friday night by electocution from exposed wires on East 11th Street. Her death, while walking her dogs, shocked not only the city and other dog walkers, but also fellow East Villagers who recognized her around the neighborhood. Most reports give detail to Lane's life: A New Yorker for the past ten years, she was a doctoral candidate at Columbia's Teachers' College (with her thesis on OCD), and lived her life around her East Village family of her boyfriend and dogs. Some onlookers from Friday night noted Lane's final words Friday night before collapsing: "I get what this is now," realizing she, and her dogs, had been electrocuted. The dogs were treated for injuries; a NY vet notes that this time of year there are many dog electrocutions.

Con Ed calls the incident, "tragic and highly unusual;" the Post reports that utility boxes's wires have 118 to 120 volts, and 0 to 500 amperes running through them, with one worker estimating 200 to 300 amperes shockng Lane.