080508yupscum.jpgFormer Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele says “Die Yuppie Scum” is hate speech and he’s started removing posters that bear the slogan. Enter East Village activist Jerry the Peddler: "[Jerry] asked what I thought I was doing, and I showed him the poster and explained that it was hate speech and shouldn’t be tolerated. He acknowledged that I was right — it was hate speech, and, he added, ‘I hate Yuppies.’ I told him he had no right to call for their death, as I reached to take down another of his hate-filled posters. He grabbed my left hand — technically an assault — and bent my finger back. ‘I’ll break your fingers, so that you’ll never play guitar again, and if I see anymore of these posters down…I’ll kill you,’ he said." [The Villager]