2007_06_brokeplate.jpgLast night, the Gothamist Newsmap mentioned there was some sort of police activity at 151 Second Avenue. It turns out that the activity was related to a disturbance above Ryan's Irish Pub: The Daily News reports a man had been throwing dishes, bottles and mugs from the second floor.

Though the incident lasted a minute or two and no one was hurt, a lot of force was used: Not only did police try to find the man in his apartment, they shut down Second Avenue between 9th and 14th Streets "as they used helicopters to search." And a cop "may have accidentally discharged his gun during the initial response." Ah, the police enacting the broken windows approach to fighting crime!

The dish thrower was not found, but the building's manager says he spoke to the man earlier and the man had agreed to stop illegally subletting the apartment and said he would move out. Ah, nw we get it: Instead of taking his dishware with him, he just decided to throw it away!