And New York City has another "historic district." In a 6-1 vote the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the creation of the East Village/Lower East Side Historic District today. Thank goodness, as one commenter pointed out yesterday, Toy Tokyo at 91 Second Avenue can now look like that forever!

Most of the Landmarks Preservation Commission reportedly seemed gung-ho about the new district calling it "long overdue." But commissioner Margery Perlmutter held out. A former property owner in the area, she reportedly "estimated that 200 of the 330 buildings that made up the proposed district were tenements, many of which had lost a tremendous amount of detail." Further she described the buildings as a "poor housing type" that "don’t individually rise to the level of a district." But what does that matter when there are half-blocks to be kept exactly the same forever?

So! The East Village Historic District exists Meanwhile, the Greenwich Village Society For Historic Preservation is very happy about the news—but not quite happy enough. They say there is still more work to be done. Watch out rest of the neighborhood, they've got you in their sights.