2003_9_arthurdog.jpgEast Village dog-owners, be on alert: Wire-haired fox terrier Arthur was dognapped from his East Village home, setting off a chain of bizarre events that even the dog owner calls a "drama from a B-grade drug heist movie." After missing posters were hung, dognappers called Melissa Bailey-Wong to say they were holding Arthur: "He says he knows where Arthur is - he's in Maspeth - and the guy who has him wants the cash. He says he won't give him back unless I get in his van and go with him to an undisclosed location." She begged dognappers to meet in a public place, which eventually was in Williamsburg, and though they kept calling her to come into a van, Arthur was returned in exchange for the $1000 reward. Arthur, who is epileptic, was very "limp" from his ordeal but seems much better these days. Tompkins Square Park dog run manager, Garrett Rosso, mentioned that two years aog there was a run of dognappings, "Those dogs were taken because they were tied up unattended."