As someone who witnessed the ER at New York Presbyterian Hospital yesterday (they're doing an amazing job!), this is a nice thing to see being offered out to New Yorkers right now. Dr. Dave Ores has announced he's offering free medical care today through 6 p.m. at 189 East 2nd Street between avenues A and B (look for that cardboard signage).

Ores's bio says he provides "medical care for the uninsured in the NYC area, and runs both the Fresh Start tattoo removal program & the Restaurant Health Care Cooperative (RWHCC)." And if you're wondering how good this guy is, look no further than Yelp—you won't be getting a hack like Dr. Nick, Ores has 4.5 star review on Yelp, and a New York Times profile under his belt. [via EV Grieve]