On East 11th Street, near Veniero's, 30 year old Jodi Lane died while walking her dogs. Lane had been walking her dogs, when the dogs started to fight with each other. The dogs had been electrocuted, Lane tried to separate and was electrocuted herself, after stepping on the same utility box. Lane collapsed onto the snow. Police and firefighters were "reluctant" to touch Lane, for fear of electrocution, and in fact, one female police officer was shocked when she neared Lane's body. Lane, who lived on East 12th Street with her boyfriend, died on the way to the hospital.

A possible cause of the electrocution are the uninsulated wires held in the utility box on the street. The Post reports salt and "other corrosives often erode the insulation in and around the boxes - and salt-laced snow and slush are a potent conductor of electricity." Con Ed says the amount of electricity in the grate shouldn't have caused, so the cause of death is still being investigated.