After sharing surveillance video of a man who allegedly tried to rape a woman in the East Village earlier this week, the police now say they have arrested Imre Meszesan, 35, for the incident. And the tip about the suspect came from a cop who recognized him from a previous arrest.

According to police, Meszesan followed a woman into her East 11th Street apartment building, pushing her to the floor, but she was able to fight him off. The victim told the Post before the arrest, "I didn’t notice him until I walked into my building and I was in the hallway and I started walking faster [up to the first landing on the staircase]. Then I felt his hands on me, and I started screaming. He lifted my skirt. As soon as I felt that, I spun around kicking and screaming. I had lots of adrenaline, so I was pretty aggressive."

The woman, identified today as Jane Callanan, spoke to the Post, “I’m thrilled. I can sleep soundly now.” She picked Meszesan out of a lineup, "I recognized him instantly. I’m very thankful for all the good work that the sexual victim’s unit did." Meszesan was charged with burglary and attempted rape.