2006_01_suttonplacemurder.jpgResidents of a Sutton Place co-op were stunned by a neighbor's murder - at her own son's hands. Bernice Keller, 85 year old 11th floor resident at 400 East 56th Street, was stabbed to death by her 54 year old son Richard last night. The Post reports that prescription medication was found strewn "all over the place." Residents said they heard an argument on Sunday, and while one resident called the doorman about shouting from the Keller apartment last night, apparently Richard Keller himself called 911. Another resident said, "This is a very upscale, well-to-do building. I've never heard of anything happening like this."

Keller, who is under psychiatric evaluation, reportedly cooperated with the police when they arrived to the apartment. He was charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon