With whispers of Walmart coming, opponents may have a new angle to fight off the retailer: Albany. The big boxer is reportedly eyeing a spot in East New York for its big city debut, specifically on a smallish-by-their-standards site that would not require them to get City Council approval (good, since Christine Quinn is not a fan). The catch? Developer Related, which Walmart is working with, doesn't own the entire property yet.

It still needs to buy 20.5 acres of empty state-owned land, at a "fair and equitable price" still being determined. So, as you can imagine, anti-Marters are now pushing Albany not to sell without a no-Walmart promise from Related. A spokesman for Governor Paterson assures the News that "there is nothing on the governor's desk about the property," and that the negotiations are ongoing.

Meanwhile, councilman Charles Barron, who represents the area, was particularly blunt on the prospect at a rally yesterday: "We will not be your slaves and you're not bringing that plantation to East New York," he said.