Manhattan just received its first Target store, opening yesterday in East Harlem at East River Plaza. While there have been concerns that the big box would shutter smaller, local businesses in the area—one local shopper told the Daily News, "It's clean. It's a nice facility, and the people are friendly. I'm all for it." (Though she may change her tune if the shop takes the same route as the one in Brooklyn.)

One longtime local described the retailer moving in as "surreal," and that could have to do with the area's past. According to the NY Times, the area's grim history dates back to at least 1882—when the body of a murdered man was discovered right on the very street Target sits on today: Pleasant Avenue. The violence continued in the area for decades, and even became known as "one of the most famous gangland stretches in the history of the mob." In fact, one violent scene from The Godfather was even filmed there.

If one 14-year-old boy is to be believed, howver, “The Mafia is no more. No gangs. Just regular people” (and now, discount shopping).