Move over passive-aggressive notes, there's a new note-writing tactic in town! The management and tenants of an East 9th Street building are fed up with their neighbors, who are allegedly partying and skateboarding on their building's roof. And now, they're being watched, monitored, and threatened! EV Grieve spotted this note taped to 440 East 9th Street's door:

To those of you who disrespectfully leave your trash, broken glass and empty bottles on the roof, you are being monitored. Your cans clogged a drain which flooded the apartments next door during last week's rain. You are disgusting to let Jose and the other super clean up after your messes. Surrounding neighbors are complaining about you every week and are ready to comply with management and law enforcement and photograph you during your next rooftop excursion. Since you can not the enjoy the roof like respectable adults, we request that you stay off of it. Your skateboards are ruining the rooftop material, weakening it.

Stay off the roof or suffer consequences.

Management, tenants.

As you can see, someone didn't react well to this correspondence and left a note of their own. Ah, reminds us of the days that the residents of Williamsburg's 132 North 5th Street went to war with eachother.